Officially Starting the Squat Challenge Today

50 squats before my shower. Day 1 is covered. I’m gonna do the plank challenge as well. Since rafting this weekend my swimmer muscles are swollen and looking beautiful, so the plank challenge will help me get the arms I really want.

Yesterday was super busy after work. Thought we’d have plenty of time for me to get home, start my laundry, start dinner, and get to a tiny workout. But, plans always shift. Aaron and I went and worked on his bud’s car, took ’em 3 hours because the drum was stuck on the brake pad?… Or something like that, I’m learning, I’m trying. Oh MY is he sexy when he works. I love watching Aaron, did I mention this was a difficult week for me?

Well, 3 hours in over 100 degree weather, not awesome. Then we went and checked on his parents pad, since our parents decided to go on vacations back to back from each other. Haha

Then dinner and “The Wire” at home. đŸ™‚


Woke up early this morning and had previously decided to start the squat challenge today, and apparently the plank challenge, while continuing my blogging challenge on a different set of 30 days. It’ll be okay. Still a simple expectation. Maybe I’ll start with that, and try my workout routines once I’ve finished a 30 day trial. Quitting something for 30 days seems easier than starting something new for 30 days. :/ 

I gotta find the time, I gotta find the motivation, and I have to try and remind myself to even do it at all. I cannot forget. I want the results of a cleaner home, and a beautiful, healthy little body ready for conception day to come.


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