Big Friday.

Should I explain my joy first, or last….


I got my braces taken OFF! I went from looking like a 16 year old, getting judged wherever I walked or having everyone assume I’m not quite 18 and think I’m a young little twat. I felt it, I heard it, I was taunted enough. I’m glad to have them off. I haven’t stopped smiling since getting them removed. 😀

And in the same day, I got a call from my now ex landlord saying he’s gonna mail my deposit check to me within the next few days, in full. 🙂 SCORE! It was a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday, and I got to spend the majority of my day at Aaron’s work because my dentist is closer to his work than our house. So it was nice being around him all day. 😛

So, I look 3 years older according to my best friend and her fiance. And Aaron says I look fantastic. I love my smile. I can’t wait to whiten it more, and feel just beautiful.


Had a lovely 4th of July, ya know, mostly. For me, they have never been awesome. Its my sisters birthday, and its never gone smoothly, and it revolves around her for obvious reasons. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if she wasn’t having such an awful time herself for the majority of the years that have passed. She has chosen the guests that join us in whatever we do, and that usually backfires and means they leave her or are rude or stupid. Not awesome.

I can’t complain, I got to drink all day, smoke with everybody, meet one of Aarons friends that I hadn’t met yet, and for the first time in a long time I got to enjoy….Image

RIBS and CORN on the COB! Also, I had gum, sour straws and I’ve gained the ability to eat without having huge, obvious, chunks of food stuck in metal brackets all along my beautifully straight teeth. YES. Ohhhh yes.

YAY for NO more bracesss!

Just to end my beautiful few days with a set of squats. I’ve been working out on and off trying to keep up with the squat challenge for over a month now, and I’m starting to see some major improvements. Gravity was starting to take over, and though I’m young and dance often, my booty starting to look older than me, wasn’t cool. I’m going to get my body into its best possible shape, I’m going to rock it, and Aaron is going to LOVE it, if he doesn’t already. The point. I like the changes I’m seeing, and I think its greatly worth it. 😀


Speaking of those changes, I finally got to try out my new VS bra and pantie set. 😉




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