16 Awesome Ways To Treat Yourself When You Need It Most

Thought Catalog

1. Make your bed before you get into it. I know not all of us are bed makers, but hear me out. I firmly believe in making beds because there’s nothing more inviting than a nice, tight, made up pile of sheets with your name scrawled on it.

2. Have a favorite cocktail? Learn how to make it at home! That or buy yourself a delicious bottle of wine.

3. Set all your clocks 10 minutes ahead so you’re always ahead of schedule. That way you won’t miss dates, meetings, or your favorite shows.

4. Binge watch your favorite TV series online. But warning: this is only a treat if doing so doesn’t actually cost you your job and your social life and stuff.

5. Have a bubble bath! Nothing makes us instantly happier than the promise of getting into a nice, warm bubble bath filled with HUGE bubbles.


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