12 Fairly Simple Ways To Stop Wasting Money (And Maybe Even Save Some)


Thought Catalog

1. Eat a large meal BEFORE going shopping.

What happens when you go to the store feeling extremely hungry? Your eyes are bigger than your stomach and your brain is less considerate of your bank account, leading to a shopping cart full of excessive groceries. If you stuff your face in advance, you won’t feel the urge to try that random new flavor of Pop Tarts or purchase three different kinds of cereal because you couldn’t narrow it down and decide on one. Seriously — I once bought five boxes of cereal in one trip, and while my taste buds thoroughly enjoyed the next few weeks, my budget was like, “Dude, inconsiderate much?!”

2. Stop using ATMs that are going to come with fees.

$2 here or $5 there may not seem significant in the moment, but think about how that adds up over time. This is such a scummy…

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