In exactly one week. I will be on the road to Portland. I’ll have just finished packing up all my childhood belongings that I’ll be taking. I’ll be grabbing the last of my things, and what doesn’t fit in the cars, I’m tossing. Should be interesting, downsizing a final time. The good thing is, they don’t have a lot of furniture, so I might be able to keep almost all of my furniture items, and I’m grateful everything I don’t have, she does, and everything they’ve been needing, I’ve always had. We were made to live together from the get go, and just haven’t done it yet. 
I’m VERY excited to be moving in with my best friend. It’ll be weird leaving Sacramento, but I’ll be renting a car for the first time, driving up to Portland for the final time, and I’ll have my baby Chase, I’ll have all that I could ever need/want for the next month or so. And I’ll be killing through my savings over the next couple weeks. It’s gonna be a bitch… Its so expensive to rent a hotel for a night for the bestie, rent a car for 2 days under 25, (not to mention gas and any extra fees, but the reservation has been made! Yay!) and there gas getting up because there car will be heavier since it’s bigger than the one I’m renting. Should be fun, another 12 hour drive up to Portland. Oh, My. I’m just too excited. 

And she’ll be here for her 21st birthday, hence the hotel room, so I’ll be the DD for the lovely couple while we rampage through downtown Sacramento one last time before we leave, and I’ll probably never come back. Leaving my childhood, leaving all that is my past, all of my exes, all of the women that betrayed my trust, all of the backstabbing men, all of the abusers, users, thieves, and liars from my past. I leave them to their lives however they end  up. I leave them behind, so I can start over, start fresh, start my new beginning with my best friend, her man, and our cats.

The only downside…. I’m already a bit boy crazy. Should be a fun adventure, single in Portland.


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