Today is my last day working in California

You know. I thought I’d be like super fucking excited, maybe its because I got too drunk last night? I dunno, but that’s been happening more lately. WHY CAN’T I BE EXCITED?!?! 😦

When I used to drink and get messed up, I’d ironically wake up feeling wonderful, ready for the day, feeling fresh, feeling hot. Since turning 21 thats changed… I don’t get hangovers yet, but I don’t feel happy, just tired… really tired. And maybe slightly grumpy some days…. You know. Maybe. 😛

Suddenly I feel like being silly, just bare with me.

Last day of work in Sacramento, last day in California, its time to get READY FOR THE WEEKEND!

Ready, ready, READY FOR THE WEEKEND! Image


This week my favorite songs are by Icona Pop, and the song MAGIC by B.O.B.

Ready for the Weekend-Icona Pop

I love it-Icona Pop


Listen, you know you want to. 😀


If you’re like me you love anything that makes you want to jump and dance like no one could ever care. Icona Pop might just be the group I’ve been waiting for. 😀

“They say you’re a freak when you’re having fun, say you must be high when we’re spreading love. But we’re just living life, and we never stop. We got the world.” – We got the World by Icona Pop


Back to business, my last and final day at California Environmental Protection Agency. No meetings to record, only Lunch with my coworkers left to be had. I’ll do my last minute birthday present shopping for my best friend Ana who will be here in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! I am, in fact, ECSTATIC about that.

And I’ll be recording my voice tonight, I’ll be reading a script introducing my fathers band. “Hi, I’m Roxy, nice to see everyone, …. and now, introducing Decades!” In some awesome accent still yet to be determined, this is somehow not a last minute project, but my voice has been all that they’ve been needing for the gigs. I hope it goes well, and I hope they get what they need. I’ll be quite far to get a good recording to them. 😀 I’m excited to finally be Roxy, we’ve created her, and they’ve got gigs lined up, they just need there super upbeat host to introduce them. Why not an alien girl? 😛 I wish I had a picture of her to show you. She’s awesome.

This was not as heart felt as I thought it’d be, I cannot focus on the bittersweet, Icona Pop is playing, I’m simply ready for the weekend……

A little shopping, a little smoking with friends, recording Roxy tonight. -Friday

Breakfast with a former co-worker, another smoke session with old friends, ANA ARRIVES! and then we go to her big family dinner, which is an all day event almost 😀 – Saturday

Sleeping in(hopefully), going out with friends(yet to be determined where…), smoke sessions(lots), then its time to be the DD for Ana’s big night out for her 21st birthday! 🙂 -Sunday

Monday is set for packing all morning, getting my rental, my last breakfast in Sacramento, more packing, and then it will be time to HIT THE ROAD UP NORTH!!!!! OMG. 😀

Like. Fuck. Just…. Fuck.

I’m a busy bee. 🙂 And a stoner. So…. Ha!

Actually, thats not so weird, people think I’m drunk when I’m sober, and super amazingly bubbly and silly when I am drunk, so when I smoke I just become a super chill chick still up for doing anything, and certainly up for eating just about anything. 😀


I’m gonna stop babbling now, I hope your weekend is filled with things you’re excited to do. Don’t be afraid to be excited, its allowed, I promise, no one needs to tell you you’re too excited, you’re not(unless you get like me, then you might be) but the point is, its okay to feel excited, its okay to feel passion, its okay to feel extremely happy about any one thing you’re about to do.

Today is a good day. I hope your day is going just as well. 😀 And please do comment about your day, I’d love to hear YOUR exciting news. 🙂


P.S. I kept doing the thumbs up sign when I typed something I thought was awesome, I’m clearly hyper off of listening to Icona Pop. I’m sure my coworkers love seeing me dance like crazy, while making silly faces……in my chair. 😛


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