Nothing is gonna change my world

Last night after much coaxing I watched Across the universe. A movie I can now say I’ve seen and still despise it to the core. 

Maybe I am a purist, but I just couldn’t handle them singing the songs all wrong. Taking my very personal favorites and destroying my favorite parts.


this morning I found out I had managed to brute every nail I had patiently grown and filed. I must’ve seriously hated the movie. It put so much stress on me to watch the fucking movie…. 

no one remembers the good things youve done. No one remembers you going out of your way. 

Why do we think so negatively? Why can’t our accomplishments shine more. It’s just the bad you want to talk about, just the bad you want to remember. But why? 

Why can’t I be who I want, so what I want within reason. Why must I have someone control any part of my life. 

And why does my life, my accomplishments, my worth mean nothing today?